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GITEC-IGIP successfully accomplished the Project "Emergency Medical Services Phase II"

To provide quality and modern emergency medical aid services, GITEC-IGIP supported the Ministry of Health in Bishkek in the restructuring of the Jalal Abad Oblast Hospital. The Jalal Abad Oblast Hospital is a 620-bed secondary hospital distributed over a large area and housed in a number of buildings. It serves the City of Jalal Abad and the Oblast with a population of approximately 1.0 million.

This project was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the Development Bank (KfW). As part of this project, an emergency department was built and fully equipped. The new emergency department in Jalal Abad will be an unique in its type in Kyrgyz Republic and lighthouse to be followed by the others in the country. The program has improved the preparedness for emergency treatment, increased the quality of care, reduced the waiting time for treatment and enabled focused and appropriate treatment of emergency patients to preserve life, prevent further injury or disability and to promote recovery.  Furthermore, the medical and paramedical staff of the whole referral system in the Oblast received the training to improve the quality of the emergency medical care and training in the international triage for the new emergency department.

A video was created to show the results of this project. Please find it further down.

Services provided

Investment Component:

  • Preliminary and detailed design of the construction works (new construction)
  • Preparation of specifications, BoQs and tender documents; support during tendering process for works
  • Supervision of works and assistance during DLP
  • Assessment of existing medical and non-medical equipment and selection of required equipment
  • Preparation of specifications, BoQs and tender documents; support during tendering process for medical equipment
  • Supervision during installation of equipment, commissioning and user training; assistance during DLP
  • Elaboration of a maintenance concept for equipment.

Accompanying Measures:

  • Technical assistance for emergency care service organization
  • Training in the international triage system for the new emergency department
  • Management of training of medical and para-medical professionals (1,200 staff members) through the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute for Continuous Education (KSMICE).
  • Technical assistance to the Ministry of Health for the development of the following documents: Rationalization Concept, Training Concept, Service Organization Concept and Ambulance concept for Jalal-Abad City and Oblast and its scaling-up at national level (on the basis of a previous needs assessment).