work for GITEC

Consulting ENGINEERS since 1977

Do you like to solve problems?

At GITEC-IGIP GmbH, you’ll be using your professional expertise and experience to develop solutions for our clients, our partners and your colleagues. The international development cooperation projects we undertake are multifaceted and diverse.

Our experienced juniors get the chance to increase their technical knowledge, gain more experience and develop their people skills as valued members of the team on each assignment.

Our senior experts play a number of important roles: they specialise in technical consultancy, they manage our teams and they focus on business development in key sectors and territories.

We are also continuously on the lookout for the best freelance experts to join our teams and projects abroad — providing high quality services to our clients and meeting exciting new challenges. 

Are you keen to broaden your horizons?

Being broad-minded is important at GITEC-IGIP because you’ll be working with colleagues from a variety of cultures and on diverse projects in many different countries. That's the case whether you play an operational role within the project itself or you are part of our support teams or administrative staff.

For an engineer, a socio-economist, a public health specialist, a geographer, a financial analyst, a policy expert, a business administrator or economist,... being broad-minded means being ready to learn as much from our clients, partners and beneficiaries as they learn from you. Are you willing to work in cross-disciplinary teams to come up with custom-made solutions to new challenges?

We’re looking for employees who want to use their foreign language skills and are ready to learn new abilities across the board — including accounting, project management, finance, human resources, IT, tender management and quality management. We are continuously developing and improving our services to meet the challenges ahead.

Since we are a service company, our teams are our most important asset. Our forward-looking and open-minded staff is the key to our success.

Are you a self-starter?

At GITEC-IGIP GmbH, you’ll quickly take on new responsibilities. From the first day on, as an experienced junior you'll be involved in drafting winning project proposals, in backstopping teams, whether on the field or from headquarters in Germany, and in managing on-going projects, including assignments abroad.

You’ll also benefit from working in a collaborative company culture where all of our employees, from the brightest juniors to world-recognised seniors, share their professional knowledge and work together to come up with better solutions, forge professional relationships and sometimes build lifelong friendships.

Would you like the freedom to work flexibly? 

At GITEC-IGIP GmbH, we trust our employees to take an active role in organising their own workdays. You'll benefit from a certain amount of flexibility in setting your working hours and location because our managers give their people the freedom to decide how they can best contribute to our success.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting career?

There is a simple reason that staff at GITEC-IGIP GmbH are so loyal — it’s a great place to build your career. Take a look at our current job offers, based at our headquarters or in one of our project offices across the world, and send us your application if you qualify.

We are looking forward to getting to know you.