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The project forms part of a national health sector reform financed by the World Bank supported National Health Sector Reform “MANAS”.

The aim of the programme is to control the further spread of tuberculosis and contribute to the improvement of diagnostic (early diagnosis) and therapy (curative health services) through the supply of medical and laboratory equipment with regard to all forms of tuberculosis, and with emphasis on the World Health Organisations’ recommended DOTS (directly observed therapy, short course) and DOTS plus approach.

The provision of the equipment was based on the recommendations of the World Bank, and specified according to the World Health Organisation's instructions for a cost-efficient tuberculosis therapy (directly observed therapy, short course – DOTS).

Through the German financial contribution, medical drugs, a fully equipped BSL3 reference laboratory, training and a QM system were provided to the programme.


Services Provided

  • Verification and specification of equipment requirements
  • Determination of delivery conditions and distribution patterns
  • Tendering of medical and laboratory equipment and contracting activities
  • Acceptance of deliveries and monitoring of the distribution
  • Procurement of anti-tuberculosis drugs
  • Design and construction in modular form of a BSL3 Reference Laboratory for TB diagnostic
  • Twinning-Arrangement with an international supra-national reference laboratory for the purpose of quality assurance of the operation of the National Reference Laboratory; establishment of a quality management system, including staff training
  • Conducting of a resistance study
  • Equipping of TB hospitals on oblast level among others with non-medical equipment such as disinfection
  • Provision and supervision of user trainings