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Consulting ENGINEERS since 1977

Rajasthan, the largest state of India is also one of the driest. A significant part of its land is a desert, and the state faces recurring droughts.

Uncountable small reservoirs were constructed over the past decades consisting of a dam and a simple distribution system commonly referred to as “Minor Irrigation Projects” or MIPs.

However, lack of awareness by users and shortage of funds have let to severe deterioration of dams, canals and structures. The extent of damage does not warrant dependable operation of the irrigation systems and makes cultivation of dry season crops a hazardous gamble.

The project “Rajasthan Minor Irrigation Improvement Project” (RAJAMIIP) aims at improving the livelihood of farmers by rehabilitating and improving over 500 existing MIPs; at the same time encouraging them to form Water User Associations, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Services Provided

Major Project Components:
  • ENGINEERING (site investigations, design, tendering and construction).
  • INSTITUTIONAL (WUA formation, HRD development).
  • PRO-POOR (formation of SHG, paid work for rural poor, creation of revolving fund).
  • HEALTH (reduction of water borne disease).
  • HRD (for Officials and WUA functionaries).
Scope of Consulting Services are related to guidance and supervision of:  
  • local Consultants to implement the engineering inventory and design work,
  • civil contractors to carry-out the rehabilitation and improvement work supported by in-kind contributions by WUAs, and
  • local NGOs to introduce and promote the formation of Water User Associations to hand over O&M of the infrastructure.