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Consulting ENGINEERS since 1977

Thomas Harbauer – Managing Director (born in 1964) started his career with the German Investment and Development Corporation (DEG), a subsidiary of KfW, the government-owned development bank.

DEG finances investments of private companies in developing and emerging economies to promote the sustainable growth and improved living conditions of the local population. As Investment Manager, Thomas was responsible for funding the investment plans of German companies in South America, Asia and Eastern Europe. 
He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Paderborn, Germany. He also holds a Diploma in European Business obtained at Nottingham Business School, England. 
Before becoming Managing Director of GITEC-IGIP GmbH in 2011, Thomas worked in the construction materials industry, at Dyckerhoff AG. There, he sat on various seats in management bodies, advisory committees and administrative boards and was responsible for the operational entities in the Netherlands and Germany.

Thomas also serves as Managing Director of IGIP, another GITEC-IGIP Consulting Group company.


Jean Philippe Perrin –  Chief Financial Officer (CFO) (born in 1974) has studied International Business Management at the ESIAE in Paris. Before joining IGIP, Jean-Philippe started his career as Controller and Project Manager at Nestlé and worked over 10 years for Société Générale based in Frankfurt, mainly as Deputy Finance Manager.

His career at IGIP started in 2012 as a Finance Manager. He soon assumed responsibility for the whole area of Finance & Controlling within IGIP and established the Project Controlling team. Since 2014 he assumed the role of Finance & Controlling Manager at the GITEC-IGIP Consulting Group.

 Jean-Philippe joined GITEC-IGIP GmbH's General Management in 2016.


Dr. Wolfgang Jendrischewski

Dr. Wolfgang Jendrischewski –  Managing Director (born in 1953) holds a PhD in engineering, from the University of Bonn in Germany. He is specialised in irrigation, rural water supply and sanitation, operation and maintenance of rural infrastructure.

In 1989 he started to work for GITEC-IGIP and ever since he dedicated his career to Water and Sanitation projects all around the world, but mainly in the Middle East. Within more than 30 years Dr. Jendrischewski developed technical experience in studies, design, tendering and construction supervision assignments as Special Expert, Team Leader and Project Director, including project and contract management, financial management and cost control, quality assurance, liaison with clients and donors.

Dr. Jendrischewski has more than 20 years of management experience:
Since 2019 Managing Director of GITEC-IGIP
2001-2018 Director of the Department of Water Resources and Sanitary Engineering
1995-2001 Deputy Director of the Department of Water Resources and Sanitary Engineering